Matt Meredith, JD, CFP®

As an attorney with a strong focus on estate planning, business law, probate, and tax, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. With a background in the financial services industry, he seamlessly combines his legal expertise with his Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) practitioner credentials.




Matt’s journey is one of continuous growth and evolution. Prior to his legal career, he worked as a financial adviser with esteemed firms like JP Morgan Securities, Capital One Investing, and LPL Financial. His dedication to financial planning and investment management has been a driving force throughout his professional life.


In 2018, Matt embarked on the path of law, pursuing his law degree at South Texas College of Law. This venture was born from his commitment to better serve his clients in areas that require legal expertise beyond financial advisement.


Matt’s holistic approach shines as he assists clients in both financial and legal matters. His goal is to alleviate stress and uncertainties regarding financial futures. Through careful planning, he creates harmony between legal documentation and existing financial plans, particularly in estate planning. Additionally, his expertise extends to business formation and operations, asset protection, probate, tax law, and tax controversies.

More About Matt

Beyond his professional pursuits, Matt is an avid outdoorsman, coffee enthusiast, and dedicated family man. His commitment to community is evident through his volunteering efforts at South Texas College of Law Probate Clinic and the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic.


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