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Guardianship, or conservatorship, is the legal process utilized when a person can no longer make sound decisions about their own life, property, or finances.  Instead, these people becomes susceptible to fraud or undue influence.  Guardianship has become more common in recent years, and is utilized in situations where adults or children have some impairment that prevents them from performing certain important tasks in their own daily life. 


There are two types of guardianship.

  1. Guardian of the person
  2. Guardian of the estate/property
While in a conservatorship, a person often loses certain rights, such as; the right to vote, drive, to contract, and manage property.   A guardianship can be permanent, or temporary. Often times, a guardianship must be established for minors, before they can legally receive money from settlements or large inheritances directly.  Many adults are facing issues with dementia and other medical problems that are requiring their loved ones to step-in and help.  
In Texas, a person does not have a guardian until an application is filed within the Court, a hearing is held, and a guardian is appointed.  If you need representation in filing a guardianship for a loved one, Contact Us today.

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